Oat Milk Outrage


(Claire Conger)

By Claire Conger

As a self-inflicted lactose intolerant woman, I have turned to oat milk in my dark times after being torn away from milk. During this time, I have come to love the creamy, oaty, non-dairy aspects of oat milk. However, just when I thought I was safe from milk alternative deprivation, I was hit with a reality check. Fans of Oatly oat milk, much like myself, have recently found themselves in a dilemma when news broke that Oatly was partnered with Blackstone, a major investment company tied into large scale deforestation. Regardless of how much I enjoy Oatly, when I read a recent article published by GreenMatters, I knew I needed to find an alternative. According to the article, Blackstone invested in a Brazillian infrastructure company responsible for massive amounts of Amazon rainforest deforestation.  

After finding out this devastating information about my once beloved oat milk brand, I wiped my tear-stained cheeks and set out on a quest for a new brand of oat milk. While I very well could pretend I didn’t know this information, doing so would be irresponsible and ignorant to the large damages that Oatly’s new partnership has caused to the already suffering environment. Giving up Oatly, while sad, is a very small sacrifice in the grand scheme of things. Oatly, the most superior brand of oat milk, is not only delicious but an aesthetic addition to the fridge. After many trials and tribulations, I have potentially found the next new Oatly. Through blood, sweat, and tears (lots of them at that), I have painstakingly researched and tasted tested some mediocre, ok, and really bad oat milk. While some have made me want to break and turn to almond milk -oat milk’s lame cousin- others have given me hope. One of which is Califa Farms.

Califa farms oat barista blend is a favorite in numerous reviews as well as dubbed the most similar to actual milk. Their oat milk is sold in recyclable containers and can be purchased at Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart. This brand of oat milk (and their almond milk) is also used at Philz and Peet’s coffee shops! As much as I enjoy Califa Oat milk in my iced coffee, I do not enjoy it in my cheerios. It has a bit too much of a nutty taste for me to be paired with cereal. While Califa may not be perfect, it is a good substitute for Oatly, or even a good placeholder until I find a new oat milk soulmate.