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BPL Watch embarks on second season

(Courtesy of BPL Watch)
By Samantha Nichols and Leah Kennedy January 7, 2021
The talk show was created last year by two class of '20 graduates, and has begun a second season hosted by four current seniors.

I have a scapegoat, and you can too!

(Emily Stull)
By Claire Conger November 30, 2020
The infamous "Trader Joe's virgin" is back at it again with a much-awaited sequel.

End of discussion. Period.

(Claire Conger)
By Claire Conger September 20, 2020
A survey of 147 Tam students demonstrates a lack of understanding of menstruation bringing into question the quality of sex-ed in local elementary and middle schools and at Tam.

Oat Milk Outrage

(Claire Conger)
By Claire Conger September 20, 2020
After learning of Oatly's less than savory partnership with Blackstone, I've turned my back on the brand in favor of Califa Farms.

Why we should stop using plastic tampons

(Tenaya Tremp)
By Claire Conger February 6, 2020
Abandoning plastic applicators could help us improve our planet's climate.

Parks Conservancy begins Bothin Marsh Restoration Project

A pole in the Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve showing projected sea level rise by designated years. (Johanna Meezan)
By Claire Conger November 14, 2019
Over the next 10 years, the Bothin Marsh Open Space Reserve sea level is predicted to rise 10 inches.

Trader Joe’s virgin

(Tenaya Tremp)
By Claire Conger October 17, 2019
Reflections on a lifetime of Trader Joe's deprivation.

Gallery: Fall sports preview

“Our hockey team is coming together and really sorting out playing as a team to score goals (9 against Drake last week) and play some great defense.  While we have six new players on the team, I think we will hold our opponents to less scoring against us and perhaps win a few more games!” —Michelle Perrin

(Photo: Claire Conger)
By Kara Kneafsey, Claire Conger, and Tenaya Tremp September 18, 2019
Volleyball, field hockey, tennis, water polo, football, and golf coaches on the ongoing seasons.

Coyote Coffee

Coyote Coffee
By Claire Conger April 15, 2019

As many members of the Tam Valley community, on my weekends you could often find me at Shoreline Cafe or the Dipsea Cafe with my friends for a good, pricey breakfast. Meals at the popular cafes/breakfast...

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