Leadership updates events for new Covid guidelines


(Courtesy of Ethan Swope)

By Carley Lehman, News Editor, Graphics Editor

Tamalpais High School Leadership has put on a variety of student activities for the current school year, including Homecoming events and rallies, with a plan to continue their work with the Winter Formal on Friday, Dec. 10, and Winter Week from Monday, Dec. 6 to Friday, Dec. 10. “We have a Winter Formal coming up soon and a possible mural in the spring,” junior Aylin Curtis said. 

Leadership has had to adapt to Covid guidelines throughout the year while putting on school-wide gatherings. 

“Homecoming week was cut down into two rallies due to Covid and with people disappointed about there being no dance, we decided to do a Winter Formal,” junior Kirsi Harris said. 

The Tam Administration has been creating limitations for Leadership events, causing some backlash from students. “I know we have made adjustments per county health guidelines to Aylin a few things like rallies (having 2 smaller ones rather than 1 large one),” Assistant Principle Kaki McLachlan said. 

“We were gonna have a winter rally before Winter Formal, but now we aren’t allowed because the Admin is being super restrictive, delayed on communication, not advocating for us or working in our favor either,” Curtis said. 

 Led by the junior class, activities have been implemented by Leadership to help students during finals. 

“The Winter Formal is a new event we are starting this year. However, rallies and final care packages have been traditions for a couple of years now,” Harris said. “The care packages are to help kids destress and relax before finals. Parents can pre-order kids’ final care packages to surprise them.” 

Despite setbacks from the administration’s Covid regulations and restrictions, members of Leadership are still proud of their participation in the class, according to Harris. 

“Leadership is very self-directed; you are given lots of freedom to share your ideas and make them happen,” Harris said.  

For more information about Leadership-hosted events, please contact Leadership and Science teacher Laura Erickson.