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The Assembly

The Assembly

By Savy Behr January 5, 2023
Along with presumably all Tamalpais High School juniors and seniors, I attended the mandatory meeting during tutorial on Nov. 18. As stated in an email sent out to junior and senior families by Tam principal, Dr. JC Farr, the purpose of this meeting was “resetting behavioral expectations.” 
(Courtesy of Ethan Swope)

Leadership updates events for new Covid guidelines

By Carley Lehman December 13, 2021
Leadership announces Winter Formal, the first school-wide dance since the pandemic began.
(Jack Fierstein)

Tam implements new tardy policy to address influx of late students

By Julian Goodman and Naomi Lenchner November 5, 2021
Tam administration implemented a new tardy policy which includes detention for students who receive 5 or more tardies in a week.
(Courtesy of Ethan Swope)

Administration shortens lunch time

By Wesley Slavin and Athos Oliveira October 25, 2021
A change in Tam's schedule has seen an increase in tardies among students.
(Tenaya Tremp)

Editorial: Not on schedule

By Editorial Staff September 19, 2019
Parts of the scheduling conflicts were unavoidable. But there were many places where they could have been handled more smoothly.
Assistant Principal David Rice Leaves Tam

Assistant Principal David Rice Leaves Tam

By Ethan Swope August 11, 2018

Assistant Principal David Rice has accepted the position of Interim Middle School Principal at the Ross School, and will not be returning to Tam. Principal J.C. Farr sent out an email addressed to students...

Administration Prepares for Enrollment Growth

Administration Prepares for Enrollment Growth

February 8, 2018

Two new portable classrooms will likely be added to Tam’s back parking lot in the fall as part of a short-term effort to accommodate enrollment growth, according to principal J.C. Farr. Those...

Wait Your Turn

Wait Your Turn

By Connor Norton and Grace Bell March 31, 2017

As seniors, we have spent three years waiting to park in the Back Parking Lot (BPL). We have trekked from past the field house, braved the consequences of parking in the teacher lot, and arrived at school...

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