Redwood High School teacher assaulted by student

By Chloe Bowman

A Redwood High School student was seen punching a teacher twice in the face and then being arrested, recorded on video Thursday, Oct. 20, around 11:30 a.m.


The assault occurred in the hallway of Redwood’s second floor. There were many student witnesses, some of whom filmed the incident. In the video, the teacher responded by pinning the student in a headlock. Another adult was able to separate the two before the student walked away.


First responders, including paramedics and police cars, were dispatched to the scene, where the student was arrested and the teacher received medical attention.


“[The teacher] is receiving precautionary medical attention,” Principal Barnaby Paine wrote in a message to Redwood families later that day.


“We are not aware of any threats being made prior to the incident and do not know at this time what precipitated the event,” Tara Taupier, superintendent of the Tamalpais Union High School District, wrote in a statement.


Various claims were spread throughout social media following the incident regarding whether the student was armed with a weapon or not. In a message to Redwood students and families, Payne wrote that the student did not have a weapon.


“What defines us as a community is how we react in the aftermath [of incidents], how we care for each other, and how we make every effort to prevent incidents in the future,” Payne wrote in his message to Redwood families.


The Tam News is not using names to protect the privacy of those involved.