Lyla Macrae starts as ASB vice president

By Luella Searson, Reporter

Lyla Macrae, a current junior at Tam, will begin her term as the Associated Student Body (ASB) vice president.

After two re-votes and hours of on-edge waiting, the results for the 2023-2024 Tamalpais High School leadership positions were released Monday, May 22.

“I’m super excited about my new spot on ASB,” Macrae said. “I have two years of leadership experience … I know I will make a great vice president.”

Macrae was a leader way before her high school experience even began. 

“I was the captain of my soccer team growing up. I always made sure to work with my teammates to make sure they would do their best and would collaborate with my coach to keep the team in check,” Macre said. 

Her leadership position experience grew from there and eventually led to her winning the 2024 ASB election. 

She said there were many factors contributed to her election victory. 

“I have years of leadership experience and lots of Tam spirit. I served as junior class secretary this past year. I love participating in school events and supporting our sports games. I have administration connections to get my goals for our school set and done. Advocating for Tam’s student voice is my number one priority,” Macrae said. 

“Lyla and I have worked well together in the past,” 2023 ASB president Emma Friedman-Lowenthal said. “We have lots of plans for next year and can’t wait to get started on them together.”

So what will she do with her new position? Macrae has been on the spirit committee of the leadership class for the 2024 school year and has been elected to step up as the commissioner of spirit for the 2023-2024 year.

“I’m going to be Spirit commissioner next year and I have a lot of plans to put in place … We need fewer spirit weeks to make them more exciting and keep up the anticipation. This year, we had seven spirit weeks. I feel that around seven per year is too much and we should only do three or four to keep from being excessive. Themes for football and school sports games is something I’m planning on organizing to make games and school spirit a lot more fun,” Macrae said.

“Lyla is a very good candidate for the next school year,” spirit commissioner Joe Patti said. “She had been very dedicated and motivated in the Spirit committee.”