Marre Gattner breaks 11 swim records

By Claire Lawson, Lifestyles/Sports Editor

This past swim season, Tam senior Marre Gattner has broken all 11 records at the Tam pool.

Gattner broke his first records during his sophomore season, breaking all three relay records along with teammates Nicky Glenn, Charlie Stewart, and Justin Wong. In his junior year, he broke the records for the 50 yard freestyle, and 100 yard freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke.

And in his senior year he broke his final records. The 500 yard freestyle, the 200 yard IM, records that were ten and eight years old, and the 100 yard breaststroke, a record that was almost 15 years old. 

While the first few records were in events Gattner swims competitively and considers his strongest, the latter are events he rarely even swims.

“I was happy, I thought it was really cool [that I broke the records]. But more than that I was just happy to swim more events in high school, because in North Bay at these big meets I usually swim just sprint freestyle, maybe backstroke and fly. Being able to swim such a variety of events has really given me an appreciation for the other events,” Gattner said.

“He has such a deep knowledge and dedication, and willingness to put in the extra work outside the pool to get faster,” Tam swim team co-captain Cole Stanford said, “we’re really lucky to have him on the team.”

Gattner started considering seriously swimming around the time covid hit, when he switched teams from the Strawberry Seals, a small marin league team to North Bay Aquatics, a competitive, USA ranked team known to produce D1 athletes. 

“That was sort of the turning point for me. Since pools were closed I had to swim in the bay and these small pools, and that was when I got more serious about it.”

Since then, he has been non-stop swim. Morning dryland beginning at 5:45 am, 3 hour practices after school,  with practices cranking up to 2 or 3 times a day during breaks and meets in far away places every weekend. 

“ He’s always looking for a way to improve, thats a quality of himself, he’s always looking to see how he himself can improve, and also in his teamworks. He’s always looking for ways to improve both him and himself,” teammate Freddie Goldstein said of Gattner.

In the 2022 season, Gattner was ranked fifth overall in the country for his 50 yard freestyle and first in the western United States.  

Earlier this year Gattner committed to swim D1 at Harvard university. He plans to swim all four years of college and then graduate in 2027, just in time for the olympics. “We’ll see how in college, but yeah end goal would be to swim in the 2028 olympics,” he said.

Most recently, last weekend Gattner broke his own NCS record in the 100 backstroke at the 2023 NCS swim finals.