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Senior night webinar covers college process


Some of Tamalpais High School’s counselors and the college and career specialist held a senior night webinar on Sept. 9, in which they talked about the college application process and deadlines, managing stress, planning for life after high school, and basic important information that every senior should know. 

The webinar was hosted by counselors Alexandra Hunt, Cheryl Lua, Molly Cuoto, and April Ginsburg, as well as Keila Itzun, the new college and career specialist who has taken  over after Emi Abe. 

While college applications are definitely at the front of most seniors’ minds, Hunt wanted to remind everyone that senior year is about so much more than just college.

 “Senior year is really about experiencing a lot of change, learning how to be adaptable, to think on your feet, to start realizing that this is your journey, and you are the ones in charge,” Hunt said. 

For students that are going through the college application process, there are many requirements and deadlines that are crucial to meet. You have to make sure you are staying organized and on top of deadlines so that you don’t miss anything. 

Cuoto was right when she said that “deadlines are not fluid in the college application process. Period.” 

Students need to be clear of what is expected of them and about certain school requirements. Also, remember to be responsible and take ownership of your actions, and be aware of your social media, as colleges and future employers can see and will be looking at what students post. 

Another key piece of information that students need to be aware of are the different application types as well as the different application platforms. 

The most commonly used platforms in California include the Common App, UC application, and CSU application platforms. There are also different types of applications, including early decision one and two (depending on the college), early action, and regular decision. Early decision is binding, which means if you are accepted to that school, you are required to go and withdraw your applications from all other schools. 

If you are applying early decision, it should be your absolute number one top school. Early action means you apply earlier in the year, but you also get your results back quicker which can give you time to sort things out and make a decision.

If a four-year college does not sound like something you are interested in, there are many other options. Students can attend a two-year college instead, take a gap year, or even not attend college at all and jump right into finding a job — 98 percent of students who take a gap year attend college within one year, so it is important for students to remember that there is no set path to follow.

 College of Marin (COM) is recognized as a top community college in California, has one of the best nursing transfer programs, and has many more incredible technical and certificate programs. Every Thursday, the COM counselor, Shinna Kim, is on campus in the College and Career Center (CCC). 

 Finally, I recommend that each student reads the email sent out by Tam High Counseling on Sept. 8 about the senior night webinar recording and Powerpoint slides, which has lots of great information and links to helpful websites. Senior year is definitely a stressful and both mentally and physically draining time, but can be made easier with the right resources. 

While a lot of stress and pressure comes with senior year, there are some things to keep in mind. Relationships are super important, and making time for your friends and family should be a priority as well as preparing for the future. You really want to value the time you have left with your friends because it is probably the last time you are going through this together. Make sure to take care of yourself both mentally and physically, whether that means taking breaks so you don’t overwork yourself, making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating, and reaching out to others when you need help.

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