The First Day: Comparing Senior and Freshman Perspectives


Freshman Tommy Searle

As the class of 2013 strode through the school with whistles perched between their lips and cowbells in their hands, the freshmen cowered below the stairs as looks of terror forming on their faces. Students described the first day as “frightening,” “confusing,” “crackin,” “different,” “exciting,” and “crazy.” Music was played, teachers taught, freshmen got lost, and some seniors were rumored to be a little drunk. A week later, we asked a senior and a freshman to reflect on their first day.


What was the best part of your day?

“Going out to lunch for the first time and having lunch out with my friends.” -Freshman

“The morning arrival probably. You know, listening to music and stuff in the back parking lot” -Senior

What was the worst part of your day?

“Not being able to find all my classes! I had to ask a couple of upperclassmen.” -Freshman

“The end, because I was so tired. I didn’t get enough sleep the night before.” -Senior


How will this year be different for you?

“Last year I was at the top of the food chain and now I’m way back down to the bottom. Other than that, I’m very excited to meet new people and learn new things!” -Freshman

“I’m excited to be the big man on campus. Now I feel superior and I really just don’t care what people think of me. I’m not self-conscious like when I was a freshman.” -Senior

What was your hardest class?

“Math because even though it was the first day, we just jumped right into it. But, I like math a lot so it wasn’t actually bad.” -Freshman

“None of mine were very hard on the first day. Maybe drama because as the CTE President I had talk and do things.” -Senior

Did you get lost? if so, where/what happened?

“I did get lost. Only once. I thought my science room was in either the middle or top level of Keyser, but I was wrong. I spent five minutes unsuccessfully looking for the right room number.” -Freshman

“Yes I did actually. I forgot my schedule and I didn’t know where my new Spanish teacher’s class was. I ended up being late to class and had to ask a teacher for directions. Thanks, Mr. Zalian.” -Senior

What is one word to describe your first day?

“Exciting.” -Freshman

“Energy.” -Senior