EDITORIAL: Tam’s Next Principal


WELCOME ABOARD: Dr. Robert Vieth will act as principal for the remainder of the 2012-13 school year. Photo by: Jordan Blackburn

By The Tam News Staff

Following the immediate resignation of Principal Thomas Drescher on January 28, many students have reflected on what qualities in a new principal would benefit Tam.

One important quality is visibility. Getting out and talking to kids helps our principal have a stronger connection with the students and allows the principal to better understand student perspectives. Even if it’s a friendly greeting in the hallway or an indepth conversation, these both form a better relationship. Also, visiting classrooms once or twice a week will allow better understanding of curriculum being taught and student and teacher behavior. Additionally, students want to see a principal who supports Tam outside of the office. Coming on class trips and attending activities like Club Day or the Black Student Union assembly makes a principal feel more apart of the community at Tam.

Tam’s new principal should have a good relationship with students, and also advocate for them. Students want a principal who responds directly to them as well as to staff and families.

A second relationship that is crucial is between the teachers and the principal. Our principal should listen to teachers, incorporate advice at site level and advocate teacher’s ideas to the district. Understanding the value of a good relationship with teachers is vital; teachers are the basis of a school. They are what make Tam an outstanding academic environment and they have a stronger relationship with students.

Also desirable is a principal who is a risk taker— one who signs off on new programs and/or incorporates improved technology into classrooms when beneficial to students and teachers. Risk taking, (in reasonable doses), can lead to a positive change, even if it’s a small change. Risk-taking can include increasing student programs after school that are separate from the seven periods. Non-academic programs can make a student closer to other students and teachers.

We all know how frustrating it is to not have our voice heard and questions answered, so students need to take the initiative to advance this transition. As Drescher recently stated in an email to the Tam community, “The positive changes we’ve instituted will lay the foundation for the next Principal of Tam High to continue our legacy as one of the premier high schools in the country.” Now that Drescher has officially resigned, contact the people listed below and let them know what you want in a principal:

[email protected] (Superintendent of Tamalpais Union High School District).

[email protected] (Assistant Superintendent).