“Tam Girls Only” Moves

By Holly Parkin

The popular Facebook group “Tam Girls Only” has been shut down in favor of an updated, professional website where high school girls can share and purchase clothing from one another. The original Facebook group, created by senior Francesca Chiloiro, served as an online exchange system where girls from Tam could sell and buy used clothes for a modest price. One year later, Chiloiro has made the decision to shut down “Tam Girls Only” and replace it with her own web site, sissimoda.com.

“[The website] is for all girls in Marin… At first I’m just going to target a few schools,” Chiloiro said. “If I start out slow, like I did with Facebook, and expand throughout California, I’ll eventually be able to launch it worldwide.”

Chiloiro aspires to work in the fashion industry, and hopes that switching from “Tam Girls Only” to a professional web site will eventually provide revenue.

“It’s definitely not going to be through the students, it’s probably going to be through advertisements or people who want to buy the site,” Chiloiro said. “I’m majoring in Merchandise and Marketing at FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising)… I’m very into fashion. My dream is to become the Editor in Chief of a magazine.”

Sissimoda allows users to make accounts, post clothes they want to sell, and receive private messages from interested parties. Chiloiro said that the site’s organization and accessibility to students across the district is an improvement upon the Facebook system.

“[Tam Girls Only] is shutting down, but it’s also redoing itself to become a better product… Now, you basically have your own little closet online,” Chiloiro said.