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Digital Damage

By Naomi Lenchner December 13, 2021
Who knew connecting the world would bring it to the brink of destruction.
The Modern Addiction to Cell Phones

The Modern Addiction to Cell Phones

By Ryan Leake and Ryan Leake June 2, 2017

I wish I grew up 30 years ago. Not because I want 50-cent Coca-Colas, or because I want to watch Larry Bird go up against Magic Johnson (though that would be a plus), or even because I wouldn’t have...

The Demise of Twitter

The Demise of Twitter

By Kavi Dolasia March 18, 2017

In 140 characters or less, Twitter gives users the power to broadcast any notion, idea or comment instantaneously. It’s almost an ingenious concept - who doesn’t want to share their 2am ambitions on...

The Obsession with Social Media

The Obsession with Social Media

By Megan Butt February 14, 2015

Senior Russell Wirth looked down at his phone which displayed a photo he had just posted on Instagram. The photo showed Wirth and his family river rafting on vacation, and he had decided to share it so...

The Early Bird Catches the Dress

The Early Bird Catches the Dress

By Elizabeth Archer April 8, 2014

Bing. I look to the top right of my Facebook page, squinting my eyes to see the infamous red number icon that indicates a notification. It’s early March, which for me, marks the beginning of soccer season—or...

Relatives sometimes mess with your Facebook

Attack of the Relatives: Facebook Edition

By Declan Katz February 13, 2014

I’m lucky to have the support of a great family, and have yet to be disowned by them. But one piece of constructive criticism I have for my family is that they need to leave Facebook. Or, at the very...

New Lulu App Allows Women to Rate Men

New “Lulu” App Allows Women to Rate Men

By Natasha Harvey June 8, 2013

A new application called Lulu has struck the teenage world that allows girls to comment and rate their male Facebook friends. The app was originally popular among college students and has now made it to...

Get Off Your Butts, Armchair Activists!

Get Off Your Butts, Armchair Activists!

By Aaron Newman June 5, 2013

Let’s assume it’s an average day. You’ve just arrived home after your slew of college-résumé-building extracurricular activities and, hoping to find a reason to procrastinate before starting up...

Learning Goes Social: The New Age of Teacher-Student Communication

Learning Goes Social: The New Age of Teacher-Student Communication

By Devon Stoeber May 31, 2013

One school night, sophomore Madelyn Lunder gets ready to begin her homework by checking her planner. After she realizes she forgot to write some assignments down she logs on to her Facebook. Lunder is...

Leadership and Link Crew Host Mixer

By Sophia Ellingson April 22, 2013

Link Crew and Leadership students held a “Come Meet Your Facebook Friends” mixer event at lunch on April 24, in hopes of bringing together new friends and developing a positive social atmosphere on...

New Generation for “Tam High Excellent Parking”

By Justin Schmidt March 21, 2013

“Excellent Parking by Tam Students (EPTS),” a Facebook page known and loved by hundreds of students, is in a transformational stage. The page showcases photos of cars parked illegally or poorly by...

“Tam Girls Only” Moves

By Holly Parkin February 21, 2013

The popular Facebook group “Tam Girls Only” has been shut down in favor of an updated, professional website where high school girls can share and purchase clothing from one another. The original Facebook...

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