Tam Style: Valentine’s Day


By Jasmine Caputo

Whether Valentine’s Day held a significant place in your heart or you’d rather spend the day treating it like the rest of the days in the year, it was very noticeable that Tam students were still able to get in the spirit of it. While celebrating the day of love in high school may either be a hit or a miss, you can always count on Tam students to be able to present themselves eloquently through their clothes. The variation of pinks and reds was definitely something to look forward to and the style variation considerably brightened up the campus. Even though the complaints of “Single’s Awareness Day” were a bit of a downer, the outfits that day definitely were not.

valentine's day
Left to right, top row: Tam News Reporter Caitlyn O’Shei (junior), Lily Taft (sophomore), Amanda Myers (junior), Tam News Copy Editor Veronica Russel (senior)
Bottom row: Amanda Catherine (senior), Diana Gilmore (senior), Nell Winer (junior) and McCall Hoyt (senior