Honors Precalculus Pending for Next Year

By Sarah Asch

An Honors Precalculus class may be available for the first time at Tam for the 2013-2014 school year. In order to be eligible, students must pass the entrance exam on April 29th and have an A in Advanced Algebra, or a B in Honors Advanced Algebra. According to math department teacher leader David Wetzel, the idea of offering Honors Precalc isn’t new, but this is the first year the test has been offered. The goal in offering the math class is to provide students with the same in-depth learning experience as other honors math classes.

Of the Honors Advanced Algebra students polled by the math department, a vast majority stated that they would be interested in taking Honors Precalc.

“It’s the same as it’s always been: if we have enough students we run the class, if we don’t we don’t,” Wetzel said.

Some students, like freshman Sammy Lebuhn, who is currently enrolled in Honors Advanced Algebra, anticipate that a normal Precalc class will be hard enough without the honors component. “I would rather spend the time I would be spending on math homework on other class work,” Lebuhn said.

Other Advanced Algebra students thought Honors Precalc would offer just the right amount of challenge. “I like being challenged and I like being in a class with people who have an equal interest in the subject,” sophomore and Honors Advanced Algebra student Cooper Bontz said. “If I got in I would definitely take the class.”

Students currently enrolled in Precalc have different outlooks. Some wish they had been given an honors option. “A lot of the topics in precalc were covered in Honors Advanced Algebra so it’s mostly review for me,” sophomore Aimee Moses said.

Others are content with how things are. “Precalc is already pretty hard as it is,” junior Jack Samec said. “An honors class would be overwhelming for me.”

In order for the class to be offered, enough students must take and pass the entrance exam and sign the honors contract for next year.