Tam Autoshop: Update on the Mustang

By Sam McDonogh

The auto shop’s 1965 Ford Mustang has come a long way since it was first bought in the fall of 2010 as a restoration project for auto shop students, but it still needs a lot of work before it will be finished. The charging system for the Mustang has just been finished and currently students are working on fixing the radiator mounts. Auto shop teacher Lisa Miller also has students laying out all of the old parts off of the mustang to get a better understanding of how the vehicle is put together. The next big job on the mustang will be putting it on the alignment rack. She is planning to have all of the mechanical work finished too. “We will also be working out all of the kinks from last year too,” stated Miller in an interview. On top of that she also plans on having all the gauges and wiring harnesses done.

Additionally, Miller is planning on completing the bodywork this year. Since she specializes on the mechanics of cars she has taken the mustang to an auto body shop to be painted. After that, all of the chrome parts are going to be taken off of the Mustang and replaced with all new chrome. Unfortunately it looks like the car won’t be back from the shop until after the school year is out. If all goes as planned the Mustang should be close to complete in one to two years. After the Mustang is completed it will be owned by the school and be used in parades and events. It will also be taken to Wednesday night drag races at the Infineon Raceway. This will give students a chance to learn how to tune a car for performance. “Eventually we want to make the car green”, said Miller, “but that will be in the future.” She is holding off on green parts due to the fact that it is new technology and Miller wants to give it a few years to further perfect the technology before it is purchased and put on the mustang.