New “Lulu” App Allows Women to Rate Men


By Natasha Harvey

A new application called Lulu has struck the teenage world that allows girls to comment and rate their male Facebook friends. The app was originally popular among college students and has now made it to the high school social scene and is rapidly increasing in popularity. The only way to log in with Lulu is through Facebook, and this is how Lulu protects itself from letting males join.

Once one has made an account, there are multiple ways in which one can rate one’s male friends out of a total of ten points: humor, appearance, manners, ambition, and commitment. The application averages these scores into an overall score out of ten.

Along with numerical ratings, one can choose comments or hashtags to describe the male candidate and show other prospective friends or acquaintances of why you chose the number you did. Positive hashtags include “#SnuggleMachine,” “#CanBuildFires,” “#NerdyButILikeIt,” etc. and negative hashtags include “#ShouldComeWithAWarning,” “#DrinksTheHaterade,” “NotTheSharpestKnife,” “#CheaperThanABigMac,” etc.

“I think it’s pretty silly,” senior Chelsea Hayashi said. “It just makes me think of something that would exist in movies or something, but it is kind of interesting seeing how all of these guys you’re acquainted with are rated,” she said.

Many boys have similar opinions to Hayashi on the topic. “What would happen if guys starting doing this to girls?” said senior Ian Courtney.

Along with being disrespectful to boys, Lulu also displays a double standard between males and females on who can post what personal details about the other on the internet. “It’s a double standard,” junior Lucas Janetos agreed. “If guys did that about girls there would be an uproar.”