Art Where You Least Expect It


Photo by: Anna Vandergriff

By Anna Vandergriff

When one enters a girls bathroom on campus, they enter an artistic haven with a plethora of insightful and inspirational messages, such as “Take a breathe [sic],”, alongside beautiful (phallic) drawings sketched on stall walls.
What is the purpose of visiting the bathroom other than to read the poetry crafted by the young minds that roam our halls during their bathroom breaks? The best part of my day is when I get to read, “Take a moment to focus on beauty. Break free of our internet culture. Breathe.” Thank you, anonymous stranger; you have truly helped me to escape.
I came across my favorite pithy sketch during a bathroom break between class periods: “Since writing on toilet walls is done for neither critical acclaim nor profit, it is the purest form of art.” It made me laugh, but, more importantly, it made me reexamine my life choices and my existence. And, of course, below it was a crudely drawn penis. [Editors Note: As of press time, the art on the left has been removed. Can’t imagine why…] ♦