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Gender-neutral bathroom outside Ruby Gym courtesy of Nathan Robinson

New Gender-Neutral Bathrooms at Tam

By Lauren Felder September 29, 2022
Tamalpais High School announced the re-assignment of four gender-neutral bathrooms via a map in the leadership slideshow on Aug. 26.
Featured Photo: Stall Art

Featured Photo: Stall Art

By Kennedy Cook November 6, 2017

On November 6, 2017 this graffiti art was found on the stall of the student center's woman's bathroom. This art will most likely be removed by custodial staff,  so, for posterity, our very own Kennedy...

Photo by: Anna Vandergriff

Art Where You Least Expect It

By Anna Vandergriff February 13, 2014

When one enters a girls bathroom on campus, they enter an artistic haven with a plethora of insightful and inspirational messages, such as “Take a breathe [sic],”, alongside beautiful (phallic) drawings...

BURNOUT: A fire in a trash can (left) in the boys’ bathroom prompted evacuation of students (right) at the end of lunch on February 28. French teacher Brian Zailian was first to respond to junior Trevor Guyton’s report of the fire. 		   Photo by: Chris Yip

Flames Quickly Extinguished in Keyser Bathroom

March 8, 2013

Smoke from a trash can fire in the Upper Keyser boys’ bathroom prompted fire alarms and evacuation of some students as lunch ended on February 28. Junior Trevor Guyton was first to notice and...

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