10 Things to Do While Staying Home Sick

By Kate Luebkeman

When you wake up to a blistering headache, a never-ending runny nose, and the feeling that your throat has swollen to three times its usual proportion, the proposition of staying home sick doesn’t exactly sound appealing. After taking your temperature for a second time, you start to wonder – what is there to do when the prospect of leaving the safe haven of your bed is simply terrifying? Well, wonder no longer! Here is a list of ten things to do when home sick:

1. Watch movies

Since the early 1900s, performers have entertained us by acting out stories on the big screen. Movies allow the audience to become distracted for at least an hour and a half, and think about the plotline of someone else’s life. Try watching silly comedies to distract yourself from the growing pile of tissues surrounding your bed.

Tip: After you watch a movie… try writing a review! It will require you to reflect on your experience watching the movie, and extend the period of comedic distraction.

2. Make food

Being home sick provides a great time to learn that recipe you have always wanted to try. Cooking can be an easy way to distract yourself from being sick, while being able to treat yourself after you have finished to a delicious good! Try making unhealthy foods with strong flavors like brownies, smoothies, pizza, and chocolate chip cookies to combat your severely weakened taste buds.

Tip: Make sure to wash your hands frequently, and not lean into your mixing bowl as you don’t want your germs to infect the food you are making. If you are worried, just make the food for yourself, and don’t share it. Being sick is a great excuse to be greedy with food!

3. Collage

Dig into that old stash of magazines you have, or print out your favorite Pinterest pins online. Create a theme for your piece of art, and then start cutting and glueing away! Collaging is a fun way to express yourself, and is really what you make of it. Making a collage for your friend or family member might distract yourself from the fact that you have coughed five times a minute for the past ten minutes.

Tip: A great place to look for old magazines is in that stash in the bathroom. Often if you look at the bottom of your “bathroom library” pile you’ll find some great collaging material!

4. Make a blog

When you are feeling sick, you get philosophical and passionate. You have so much time to surf the web and be inspired that often times social media doesn’t really allow you to share as much as you want. Creating a blog for your stream of consciousness might distract you from the fact that you have worn the same shirt for 48 hours, and you should really wash your pajama bottoms.

Tip: Don’t publicize your blog too much on social media until you have had it for a few days and know you want to keep it. Make sure that the blog isn’t something you are going to delete in a couple days before Snapchatting everyone you know: “Omg made a blog check it out!”

5. Organize your desktop

Lets face it, sometimes your computer’s desktop can look like a grenade has gone off on a desk full of papers and pictures. Being home sick gives you lots of time to clean that stuff up. Delete unwanted files, reminisce over embarrassing old screenshots of Facebook statuses, make folders specifically for all the selfies you find, and ultimately end up with a very functional desktop. Clearing space on your computer from deleting files may distract you from the daunting task of transporting your ever-growing collection of water glasses and tea mugs from your bedside table to the dishwasher.

Tip: Make a folder just for items you think you might want to delete, and then go through them again before pressing delete. After you empty the trash, you can never get it back, so make sure you want it gone!

6. Pamper yourself

Whatever that phrase means to you, do it – everyone likes to feel clean and well taken care of. Whether that means giving yourself a sugar scrub, taking a long hot shower, bubble bath or eating two bars of chocolate, it will help distract you from the memory of seeing yourself in the mirror in the morning and wondering if you have been transported into an episode of The Walking Dead.

Tip: Mix sugar, olive oil, and lemon juice in a bowl and scrub it all over yourself before hopping into the shower. This killer scrub makes your skin so smooth someone could ice skate on it.

7. Netflix marathon

The online streaming website Netflix offers thousands of TV shows to get hooked on. With the easily navigational show lists, and the quickplay buttons, watching television marathons has never been easier. Watching multiple episodes of the same show on a run will let you create a more meaningful bond or loyalty to the characters in the show, and hopefully distract you from the depressing reality of how healthy and beautiful the TV stars look compared to the sick mess you are in real life.

Tip: Try watching mystery or political thriller shows like Psych, Scandal, or Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The clever writing and distinct characters will have you hooked for hours.

8. Play Computer/Video Games

Ever since the 1970s, people have been using and enjoying video games for personal use. Video and computer games transport you into an alternate world. This opportunity to fight battles, race cars, and play with other users will help distract you from your current sick self; right now, your muscle aches prevent you from doing a push-up, let alone fighting zombies in forests.

Tip: Try games like Call of Duty, Portal, and Minecraft because you are required to use problem solving and strategy, while being provided with visual distractions.

9. Listen to Good Music

Never underestimate the power of some good tunes. Sure, music is known for its ability to create positive energy, and a sense of peace, but it has actually been proven to have healing qualities as well. Putting on your favorite song or artist can give you something to relax to, and will help distract you from the fact that your voice sounds like a smoking toad trying to sing Beyonce.

Tip: Try listening to happy, upbeat, and relaxing music with good vibes to make you smile. Jack Johnson, Aer, Anthony B, Ingrid Michaelson, Doobie Brothers, Kid Cudi, and the Proclaimers can usually do the trick.

10. Be Productive

Of course, you could actually do homework, college apps, chores, and fill out soon-to-be-due forms in order to improve your future self’s mental stability and well-being. But hey, who would really want to stay home sick to do that?

Tip: Buy a chocolate bar and every time you finish something productive, eat a square. Or you could watch Netflix, read a book, and put the chocolate bar in the brownies you make… your choice!