Parent Workshops Explore Project-Based Learning and New Tech


By Sarah Asch & Tandis Shoushtary

The Tam administration held a series of parent workshops on the subject of New Tech and project-based learning, on April 22 and 24. During the workshops, Assistant Superintendent of Education Michael McDowell presented a comprehensive overview of project-based learning and how it related to the New Tech Network.

These workshops came on the heels of a larger parent meeting on April 3, which was held in the gym and attended by around 200 parents. Many felt that this meeting was not successful in communicating adequate information, partly due to parent behavior. According to an email sent out on April 8, these follow-up workshops were intended to address “knows and need to knows” that parents had about New Tech and were to be capped at around 20 people.

According to an email sent out by administration to parents on April 25, approximately 100 parents attended the six workshops.“We value the interest our parent community demonstrates in how we serve our students,” the email read. “[We] will continue to create opportunities to inform you and address your questions and concerns.”

Introductions from both meetings are included above. Full videos are being processed and will be posted shortly.