From Guest Artist to Teacher: Heather Basarab


By Marina Furbush

Heather BasarabHeather Basarab was hired as a teacher in Tam’s drama department this year after working for eight years as a guest artist at Tam. Before being hired, she worked as a professor in the theater department at Sonoma State University.

“I wanted to work at Tam for a couple reasons,” Basarab said. “I love the enthusiasm of the students, I love their commitment. I also am really excited about this program. It’s a really unique theater training program, it’s one of a kind, there’s nothing like it in the country…it’s exciting for me to work with people who are at the beginning of [their] journey [in theater] and to be able to empower them and to give them all the best tools to create great work.”

This is her first time teaching high school students full time, which will be a contrast to her previous work environment. “[College students have] determined that they are theater artists and that they know a bunch of stuff, whether they do or not. And a lot of times the kids at CTE are just here to see like, ‘how does this work?’ Their questions are more honest,” Basarab said. “That’s one of the things I like better about high school than college.”

Basarab will be teaching intermediate and advanced drama as well as honors theater directing, stagecraft and production, “I’m super happy,” she said. “I’ve wanted this job for eight years now.”