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Cate Hayman: YouthArts Finalist

Cate Hayman: YouthArts Finalist

By Hannah Chorley

March 3, 2016

A self proclaimed “Mill Valley mom,” Cate Hayman spent the month of January hiking in the morning, doing pilates, and getting coffee with her friends — as well as auditioning for 14 college-level musical theater programs. Hayman, who graduated from Tam in December following the first semester...

Special Education and Drama Create One Act

Pictured are many of the teachers, guest  artists and students  that  worked  to  create  a  successful one  act.
Photo by: Sammy Herdman

By Sammy Herdman

June 5, 2015

The most recent set of Conservatory Theatre Ensemble’s (CTE) one acts, on May 28, brought a performance that stood out from the rest. Special education teacher Michael Lovejoy’s class performed a one act they’ve been working on since the start of the semester, and their work was rewarded with a...

Curing Our Culture: A Postmortem Analysis of New Tech at Tam

Curing Our Culture: A Postmortem Analysis of New Tech at Tam

By Sarah Asch & James Finn, Additional Reporting by: Marina Furbush and Hannah Chorley

May 14, 2015

Ruby Scott Gym was packed with 200 parents on the evening of April 3, 2014. On that night, the Tam administration hosted a curriculum meeting to explain the benefits of hiring a professional development company that most people had only just heard of: New Tech Network. The atmosphere in the room grew...

Daniel Caldwell, Influential Drama Teacher, Dies

Daniel Caldwell, Influential Drama Teacher, Dies

By Raqshan Khan

April 23, 2015

Former Tam student and visionary drama teacher Daniel Caldwell, who founded Tam’s Conservatory Theater Ensemble (CTE), died on March 15 at age 79 due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease. Born in 1935, Caldwell attended Tam for three years before transferring to Sir Francis Drake High School...

From Guest Artist to Teacher: Heather Basarab

 From Guest Artist to Teacher: Heather Basarab

By Marina Furbush

September 11, 2014

Heather Basarab was hired as a teacher in Tam’s drama department this year after working for eight years as a guest artist at Tam. Before being hired, she worked as a professor in the theater department at Sonoma State University. “I wanted to work at Tam for a couple reasons,” Basarab said. ...

CTE Creates Anti-Bullying Film

CTE Creates Anti-Bullying Film

By Nate Vogel & Dominic Quaranta

June 11, 2014

Seven members of the Conservatory Theater Ensemble (CTE) acted in a short film in collaboration with the No Bully organization on June 2. The film depicted an innovative approach to handling school bullies in order to educate teachers about a unique way to solve student conflicts through the form of...

Ashley Baker: Behind the Scenes

Ashley Baker: Behind the Scenes

By Elizabeth Archer

November 13, 2013

Juggling classes at Tamiscal High School, directing and acting in Tam’s drama program, and classes at ACT (American Conservatory Theatre), junior Ashley Baker has found a sense of independence both on and off stage. Baker’s interest in theater began as a summer activity, but quickly morphed into...

CTE to Perform Student Written “Flare”

CTE to Perform Student Written

By Hannah Yerrington

October 28, 2013

Senior Michael Van Zandt, Junior Tessa King and alumnus Glyn Peterson (class of 2013), who now attends The University of Edinburgh in Scotland wrote "Flare," their own 2-act play in Bob Earnst's play-writing workshop. Flare will be CTE's second production of the year, produced and directed by Bob Earnst. Two...

Yes, Girls Can Kill People Too

By Sonja Hutson

May 21, 2013

The actors brutally stabbed Caesar on the steps of the courthouse, using red ribbons to symbolize blood. Their betrayal rang out through the theater and red ribbons were flying everywhere- it was a fantastic spectacle. Until I heard a gasp and a disgusted “They’re girls!” from a few rows behind...

CTE Produces “Julius Caesar” With All-Girl Cast

GIRL POWER: Director and cast of CTE’s Julius Caesar pose for a photo during rehearsals. Photo by Emma Talkoff.

By Emma Talkoff

February 14, 2013

In the rehearsal studio behind Caldwell Theater, it feels as if everyone is holding their breath. Senior Taylor Seebold lies crumpled on a set of impromptu stairs where she’s just been stabbed to death by a group of friends. We just watched as Seebold was cruelly passed among the conspirators, and...