Double Life: Gabrielle Gamboa is a Teacher by Day, Graphic Novelist by Night


By Marina Furbush

Gabriella GamboaGabrielle Gamboa is the latest addition to Tam’s fine arts department this year. She is teaching Art Exploration, Drawing and Painting 1 and Ceramics 1. Gamboa hopes to bring her enjoyment and passion for art to Tam, as well as her variety of experience working with a wide array of students.

“This school has a really good reputation. I really liked the people in the department, and that makes a huge difference, [feeling] like you’re like minded with your coworkers,” Gamboa said, “I feel like the people in the art department here have the same philosophy about art and teaching art, so I felt like I fit in.”

Gamboa believes that art has the unique ability to be accessible to everyone, regardless of previous experience. “Art skills are something that can be learned by anyone, you don’t have to have a talent [for art],” Gamboa said. “I think that [the idea of] being born with a talent that makes you a great artist is kind of a myth.”

Gamboa’s passion for art extends outside of her professional life. “I’ve been a visual artist all my adult life, and right now I’m working on a graphic novel,” Gamboa said. “So I go home from here and I draw on my book for hours. Or I draw on my book for hours before I come here. It’s nice to have this dual passion.”

Before coming to Tam she taught at Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa.