Graphic Design Class Added to Art Curriculum


By Leo DiPerro

A new class was added to the art department’s roster for registration in 2014. Graphic Design, taught by Zachary Gilmore, is a new class focused on design, logos and digital art as well as aspects of business.

“With this class, I’ve been able to see a new [perspective of] graphic design,” junior Luke Rider said. “It’s an interesting [representation of] how people will be interested in an artist’s work on a business scale as well.” Many juniors, seniors, and sophomores are currently enrolled in the class. “It seems like more of a team or professionally run studio business than a class,” junior Bridget Reid said.

“The class teaches the whole subject of art, that is taking requests, managing potential clients and customers,” sophomore Sammy Whitely said. “Stuff that you need, instead of just how to draw.”

Student impressions have painted the class and its environment as professional. “One of the main focuses is to think about what a company would want to represent themselves,” Rider said.