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Aziz Ansari: Master of my Netflix History


By Cam Vernali

December 10, 2015

While I try to pride myself on not being one of those “techie youngsters” as my grandfather would call my peers, Netflix is a guilty pleasure I can’t live without. I check for new additions pretty frequently, skipping movies that don’t appeal to me and binge-watching shows that grab my interest....

Bon Don Candy Shop: Bitter-Sweet


By Trent Waltz

November 5, 2015

My first impressions walking into the new, spotless white walled candy shop/bakery/ice cream store ‘Bon Bon’ situated in the center of Mill Valley were split. My first instinct, ‘give me all the junk to eat!’ was curbed by my secondary thought; ‘my wallet is going to hurt after this.’ ...

Graphic Design Class Added to Art Curriculum

Graphic Design Class Added to Art Curriculum

By Leo DiPerro

October 2, 2014

A new class was added to the art department’s roster for registration in 2014. Graphic Design, taught by Zachary Gilmore, is a new class focused on design, logos and digital art as well as aspects of business. “With this class, I’ve been able to see a new [perspective of] graphic design," junior...