Proof Lab Builds New Marin City Skate Park


By Kevin Lee

Construction of a new skate park began over the summer and is currently underway in Marin City. The park, which will provide a way for Mill Valley and Marin City residences to skate closer to home, is not yet open to the public but is nearing the later stages of completion.

This community art and skate park is being built by staff workers employed by the Tam Valley surf and skateboarding shop Proof Lab with the help of local volunteers. The park was designed by local skatepark builder Jeremy Tuffli (Tuffli Rampworks) and Keith William (Hood Gamez). The park’s structure occupies what used to be an unused tennis court in Marin City.

The skate park currently contains a variety of formations that include a 60 foot wide “quarter-pipe,” a “pyramid,” a 24 foot wide “flat bank” and a variety of ledges and boxes and is being expanded to include other structures. Alongside the ramps dedicated to skating there will be a space dedicated to showcasing local artists. Most of the parts for the park were gathered from Town Park in Oakland which was recently taken down.

“We have built many parks larger and more complicated than this one, and have most of the materials we need to finish it,” Proof Lab wrote on their Kickstarter. “So there really are no major challenges with getting the park built.”

Currently, Proof Lab is funding a kickstarter and are trying to reach their goal of $5000. There is currently no set date for the park’s completion.