Artist of the Issue: Natanya Glatt

By Jackson Gathard

circlepattern_webSenior Natanya Glatt didn’t find her love for art until she reached high school. “I have never really been interested in art,” said Glatt. “My sophomore year I took my first art class and at the end of the year we did a stencil project and I realized I was actually pretty good at it.”

Glatt entered AP Studio Art her junior year. “When I finally got into AP Studio Art I had all these stencils but didn’t really know how to display them. For my portfolio I had to learn how to display them, so one option [AP Art teacher Lynne Klein] showed me was printing on cloth.” Glatt said.

One of the coolest experiences Glatt has had through art, and that got her the most exposure, was having her hawk stencil on the front of this year’s student planner. “I only realized that it was on the cover when my dad came up to me and said that he liked my artwork on the cover of the yearbook- he didn’t know what the planner was called- and I said that I didn’t do it,” Glatt said. “Someone later came up to me and said, ‘This is your art, right?’ and pointed at the planner. I was surprised that Mrs.Klein put my piece on the cover without even telling me; I didn’t even submit it. She took it from my AP portfolio from last year. So I was super surprised.”

self portrait_web

As Glatt develops her portfolio of stencils, others have started to take notice of her work, including students, art teachers, and others around the community. Glatt has been asked to showcase her work at many different festivals and art shows.

“I have gotten to meet a lot of people through art, and I get invited to a lot of fairs to showcase or sell my work,” Glatt said. “It is such an honor to get asked and then to go to all of these places and meet all of these different people. It’s really cool because I like to meet new people, but especially when they are interested in art.”

Glatt has also been able to sell her work to students and teachers. When she realized her stencils could be transferred to cloth, a door opened up, in terms of how she could showcase her work. “As people started to see my designs they said they would want them on a shirt. Then people started to bring in t-shirts and I would charge them five dollars from each print. As it started to get more popular I started to do more and more.” Her collection of pieces has grown continuously for the last year. “Overall I think I have sold about 30 products and about 50 stencil designs,” Glatt siad.

Glatt plans on pursuing art in college. “I am interested in a few schools, UC Santa Cruz, University of British Columbia, and Puget Sound in Washington…I want to major in agriculture and minor in art,” Glatt said. “I actually, just recently got asked by a company that wanted to see more of my designs. I am really hoping that follows through and I am able to get different designs out onto different clothing brands.”