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Artist of the Issue: Amelia Einhorn

Artist of the Issue: Amelia Einhorn

By Mackenzie Bell

May 3, 2017

Her eyes close, her mouth opens, and the crowd goes silent on the edge of their seats. It takes a lot of guts to sing in front of a room full of your peers, but for sophomore Amelia Einhorn it’s just another milestone on her road to fame. “My proudest moment was singing in front of the entire ...

Artist of the Issue: Fiona Bransgrove

Artist of the Issue: Fiona Bransgrove

By Marina Furbush

March 31, 2017

Senior Fiona Bransgrove is one of the many talented artists in the department. This year, she won Best in Show in the Youth in Arts Rising Stars’ Art Show, an art competition open to high school students in Marin. Her winning piece, “Cityscape and Men,” was constructed using palette knives and...

Artist of the Issue: Sam Emblidge

Artist of the Issue: Sam Emblidge

By Trevor Bukowski

May 4, 2016

It’s three feet tall, standing strong on a wide base, a connection of bright blue molded tubes built up into a tower-like thing. At least that’s how senior Sam Emblidge describes his clay project. It’s funny to think that the smiling senior, proudly finishing up a months long project, wasn’t sup...

Artist of the Issue Q&A: Isabel Alamin

Artist of the Issue Q&A: Isabel Alamin

By Connor Norton

December 10, 2015

Junior Isabel Alamin is an Advanced Placement Art student who has been making art since sixth grade with her mechanical pencil.  She has since graduated to charcoal and acrylic paint.   I see a lot of different mediums represented in your art. How did you start using such a wide variety of tools? It used ...

Artist of the Issue: Annie Blackadar


By Megan Butt

November 5, 2015

At the age of three, freshman Annie Blackadar entered the monumental world of music after observing a violin class. “There was a beginner’s violin course after my [beginner’s music] class  and I would stay and watch them,” Blackadar said. “I asked my parents if I could play violin.” He...

Artist of the Issue: Connor Barr

photo by Kaleigh Jones

By Jackson Gathard

May 27, 2015

Junior Connor Barr found his passion for photography upon arriving at Tam. “I really started having a serious interest for it in the past few years. I started learning how to take photos and how to properly use a camera in my first year at Tam, and I really owe everything I’ve accomplished up unti...

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

Artist of the Issue: Audrey Romjue

By Jackson Gathard

March 24, 2015

Junior Audrey Romjue found her love for photography at an early age. “I got a small Sony Cybershot camera for Christmas one year, and I began taking photos and videos of my friends at home, at school, and at parties. The photos I took then were mainly just for fun; the only place they went was Face...

Artist of the Issue: Claire Hallett

By Jackson Gathard

February 24, 2015

Senior Claire Hallett found her love for art at an early age in her hometown in Ohio, before moving to Marin. “I went to visual and performing arts school. I originally went for performing in a choir, but then over time, I realized I was way more interested in art,” Hallett said. Hallett...

Artist of the Issue: Natanya Glatt

Artist of the Issue: Natanya Glatt

By Jackson Gathard

November 24, 2014

Senior Natanya Glatt didn’t find her love for art until she reached high school. “I have never really been interested in art,” said Glatt. “My sophomore year I took my first art class and at the end of the year we did a stencil project and I realized I was actually pretty good at it.” Gla...

Artist of the Issue: Paden McNiff

Photo by: Paden McNiff

By Claire Donohue

October 24, 2014

  Junior Paden McNiff discovered her interest in photography at the start of high school. “I had a lot of friends that had nice cameras and liked taking pictures, so I saved up to buy my own and became more and more interested in [photography],” McNiff said.   McNiff’s eye for ...

Artist of the Issue: Henna Arvind

FINEST NAILS: Senior Henna Arvind has dedicated a lot of time to practicing different types of nail art, often including flowers, geometric shapes, animal prints and more. She creates these designs with nail art tools and often incorporates jewels.

Photo Courtesy of: Henna Arvind

By Bridget Lowry

April 22, 2014

Senior Henna Arvind doesn’t remember exactly when her obsession with nail art began. “I remember always being a fan of having my nails painted when I was a little kid,” Arvind said. “I started by buying a bunch of stickers and kind of experimenting with that, and then I got tools and then ...

Artists of the Issue: Student Journals

Art by Kate Schlough

By Emma Talkoff

December 21, 2013

Senior Grace Lightner keeps four sketchbooks, each for a minutely different purpose. “This one is more words and song lyrics,” Lightner said of the notebook pictured at right, which she uses mainly during class. “I doodle mostly, and I take quotes and song lyrics and I make them look pretty with...