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Profile: Psychedelic Rock Band Moon Jams

Profile: Psychedelic Rock Band Moon Jams

By Cal Peterson December 5, 2020
Seniors Colin Bender, Jamie Spencer, and Jake Mclaughlin give us an insight into their psychedelic rock/alt/psychedelic country band.


By Jake McLaughlin June 10, 2019

School House Rock

School House Rock

Ciara Rooke What inspires you to make music? Nothing really inspires me, I just kind of have to do it. Like [I] always go to the piano once a day. Whenever I take breaks from my homework I’ll...


Artist of the Issue: Annie Blackadar

By Megan Butt November 5, 2015

At the age of three, freshman Annie Blackadar entered the monumental world of music after observing a violin class. “There was a beginner’s violin course after my [beginner’s music] class  and...

TWO-WOMAN BAND: Juniors Nicole Cochary and Daisy Meisler are both vocalists, while also playing guitar and bass, respectively.

The Jetsonettes: Merging Feminism and Music

By Holly Parkin May 18, 2014

Juniors Nichole Cochary and Daisy Meisler have found a way to bring two of their passions together, combining feminism and music through their band, the Jetsonettes. Founded in mid-2013, the Jetsonettes...

MAXIMUM VOLUME: Seniors Ryan Adams, Mitchel Wong and Matthew Tarantino (vocals/guitar, bass, and drums, respectively) perform “Aneurysm” by Nirvana at the band class concert.

Band Class Performs in Semester Concert

By Chris Yip December 16, 2012

The Tam Guitar and Percussion class performed in Caldwell Theater on December 6, showcasing music ranging from “ballads to rock songs,” according to senior Kel Mandigo-Stoba, one of the night’s...

Q&A with Tam band Satellites Don’t Blink

Q&A with Tam band Satellites Don’t Blink

By Trevor Perelson November 23, 2011

Aggressive jazz funk and moshable acid jams are some of the ingredients that should be thrown into the description of one of Tam High's hidden musical treasures, Satellites Don’t Blink. This compilation...

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