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American Education and the Fate of Affirmative Action

By Sophia Weinberg November 17, 2022
Affirmative Action should be banned, but only once America's systematic racism is no longer prevalent in society. In order to reach this point in society, we need policies like Affirmative Action as a safeguard against already existent systematic racism.
Why Tams College Culture is Toxic

Why Tam’s College Culture is Toxic

By Siobhan King November 3, 2022

As early action deadlines near for many colleges, you can practically see the stress seeping out of almost every senior at Tam. Blood pressures rise at the thought of getting your counselor letter of recommendation...

SAT to be shortened, digitized by 2024

SAT to be shortened, digitized by 2024

By Lukas Stoker March 17, 2022
The College Board announced the SAT will become shorter and fully digital by 2024.
(Courtesy of Sydney Boyd)

Boyd’s Journey to UC Santa Cruz

By Jack McIntire November 2, 2021
“In the middle of class, I had finally gotten an email back from the head coach of Santa Cruz asking if I could talk on the phone."
(Emily Stull)

“Senior season”

By Claudia Epsha December 18, 2020
It's that time of year again: college application season. Let's break down how the senior class of '21 is handling it.
(Tenaya Tremp)

College talk

By Tenaya Tremp December 9, 2019
The holiday season is upon us, and for us seniors it brings with it constant questions about our plans for the upcoming year. This year, I conducted research on the best way to keep these conversations short and sweet.
Students wait in line to see their counselors. (Katharine Owen)

The budget aftermath

By Johanna Meezan, Marco Steineke, and Logan Little September 27, 2019
Last year’s cuts have dramatically increased class sizes and worsened errors in student schedules.
Senior season

Senior season

By Charlie Rosgen June 24, 2019
I was warned about the stress that comes along with writing deep personal narratives for a panel of college admissions employees to judge, but there were plenty of aspects to senior year that I was not prepared for.
I am the Law

I am the Law

By Josie Spiegelman March 14, 2019

While most high schoolers struggle thinking about where they want to be in five years, for junior Paul Law, the answer is simple: he wants to be running. A standout on both the cross country and track...

COM-ward Bound

COM-ward Bound

By Olivia Merriman January 25, 2019

Like many seniors at the start of the school year, I began the process of applying to college. I figured out early on that the public school system had set me up to go to College of Marin (COM). I don’t...

Coming up Crutch

Coming up Crutch

By Logan Little December 14, 2018

According to official National College Athletic Association (NCAA) rules, Division 1 coaches can begin contacting girls basketball athletes to start the recruitment process on September 1 of their junior...

Too Many Private Tutors?

Too Many Private Tutors?

October 16, 2018

We live in a community where being the best is less of an option and rather a requirement, a mindset. Conversations can be overheard of parents normalizing the use of unprescribed adderall or students...

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