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Former principal Jim Hanretty dies at 92

Former principal Jim Hanretty in his office .

By Saranyu Nel

February 15, 2019

Jim Hanretty, a former teacher, coach, and Tam principal, passed away on Tuesday, January 8 at the age of 92. School district administrators were notified by superintendent Tara Taupier in a January 9 email. A private funeral will be held on the morning of March 2. Hanretty first started working at Tam in 195...

Don’t Tell Me Everything Happens For a Reason

Don't Tell Me Everything Happens For a Reason

By Kara Kneafsey

June 16, 2018

It was August of 2013, and the familiar San Francisco fog continued to roll in day after day. My life had been constantly changing the past seven months, making the disorder seem routine. Everything having to do with my sister’s condition had been evolving faster than I could follow.        ...

The Blind Spot: Peer Resource sheds light on the dangers of distracted driving

Graphic by Cassie Jeong

By William Choulos & Chris Yip

June 10, 2013

“Today, I want to tell you the story of a good person who made one bad decision... One night, this individual got a call from a close friend. He stated that he was trying to get into an academy but judging from the feedback he didn’t get a call, so he didn’t think he got in...he was just crushed....