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It Doesn’t Add Up: Why Does 39% of Our Student Population Pay for Math Tutoring?

It Doesn't Add Up: Why Does 39% of Our Student Population Pay for Math Tutoring?

By Hannah Chorley, Willzie Connelly, and James Finn

April 27, 2016

Senior Kayla Blair describes herself as a driven student. When Blair needs academic help, she is proactive and seeks assistance from her teacher. Yet, halfway through her junior year, Blair started to fall behind in Advanced Algebra and, after attending multiple tutorial sessions with her teacher, she still...

Hearing in Color

Hearing in Color

By Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva, Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva, and Franny Kiles and Blake Villanueva

March 28, 2016

For Tam News reporter Morgan Pinney, the number three is green and adventurous. When paired with the wholesome, genuine number eight, it becomes 38, which has a distinct personality within her mind. Pinney, along with senior Elodie Townsend and sophomore Lexi Stern, have synesthesia,  a neurological ...

Torn Up: Analyzing Tam’s ACL Epidemic

Torn Up: Analyzing Tam's ACL Epidemic

By Piper Goeking

December 15, 2015

  Don’t look down. Whether sprawled on the court or the turf on the field, the thought is the same: if you don’t look at the knee, then there’s no swelling. You won’t have heard the infamous pop all athletes dread. You’ll be able to stand on your own and run. Your season won’t be ove...

Across The Border

Across The Border

By Elissa Asch

October 29, 2015

Sophomore Mesgna Neghasi didn't know if he was about to be caught crossing the bridge and locked in jail for the rest of his life. He didn't know whether he would be able to sneak over the expanse of exposed road without being seen by the guards. All he knew was that he had no choice. Swallowing his...

I’m Not a Bad Jew

I’m Not a Bad Jew

By Hannah Chorley

September 21, 2015

For the longest time, I thought I was a horrible Jew. My family only attended synagogue on the High Holidays, and to pass the time there I braided my uncle’s tallit. My mother dragged me to Jewish school, depositing me in an angry, whining heap at the front of my classroom at nine every Sunday...

I Belong – Voices from Tam

I Belong

By Raqshan Khan and Raqshan Khan

September 10, 2015 The way people view a religion and its followers has a dramatic impact on the way people of that faith experience everyday life. Islam or Muslims are rarely discussed in our community and the treatment of Muslims due to negative stereotypes is talked about...

The Obsession with Social Media

The Obsession with Social Media

By Megan Butt

February 14, 2015

Senior Russell Wirth looked down at his phone which displayed a photo he had just posted on Instagram. The photo showed Wirth and his family river rafting on vacation, and he had decided to share it so his friends could see what he had done over the break. He had spent some time editing the photo and...

Reaching Out: Jane Hall Retires and Leaves Behind a Legacy of Service

Reaching Out: Jane Hall Retires and Leaves Behind a Legacy of Service

By Emma Boczek and Emma Talkoff

June 11, 2014

Jane Hall’s time at Tam has been anything but conventional. Over her 16-year career here as a special education teacher, Hall has built homes with her students through Habitat for Humanity and driven her students to the jobs and internships she helped them obtain through the career program she...

WHY WE ENLIST: An Inside Look at Tam’s Future Soldiers

Senior Sebastian Tamblyn plans to continue his training at House of Steel. Photo by: Claire Donohue

By Emma Boczek

February 25, 2014

After graduating from Tam a semester early this coming December, junior Chris Vogt plans on enduring 13 weeks in San Diego at United States Marine Corps Recruit Training, commonly known as “boot camp,” where use of the first person is forbidden among recruits. “For three months you never say ‘I,’...

¡Que Viva La Vida! The life of Señor Cruz

Senor Cruz by McCall Hoyt

By Emma Talkoff

May 10, 2012

Almost half a century ago, a young man and his family received a massive stroke of luck: despite limited English, they were granted visas into the United States. On the edge of one of the biggest transitions in his life, the Bogotá, Colombia native sought financial stability, a chance at a higher education, and, he said, “like ev...

The Archives: A Look Back at Tam’s History

The Archives: A Look Back at Tam’s History

By Wesley Emblidge, Chris Long & Billie Mandelbaum

April 5, 2012

“Internet access to reach all classrooms,” “Come ‘Injun’ dance at the prom tonite” and “Goldfish lose tails” are just a few of the breaking news headlines that have appeared in the Tam News since its founding nearly a century ago. This issue, we decided to feature a wide range of past...

Night Custodians: Highlighting the Hidden

Night Custodians: Highlighting the Hidden

By Jenna Tuttle and Jenna Tuttle

March 24, 2011

It’s 10 o’clock on Tuesday night and all is quiet in Keyser Hall except for the closing of a door and the soft pitter-patter of footsteps. All souls have left the campus except for the occasional Mock Trial kid, the elusive journalism nerds, and five night custodians. Each custodian, supervised by...