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By Skye Schoenhoeft

September 24, 2018

With additional reporting by Sam Schnee     Most of us don’t like putting our phones in the caddy every time we walk into class. It’s definitely annoying, but for most it’s nothing more than a minor, quickly forgotten inconvenience. For some students, though, this experience c...

The Wrong Kind of Ally

The Wrong Kind of Ally

By Mae Puckett

June 11, 2013

If there’s one thing any queer teenager wants, it is support. We are coming out in a world dominated by straight people, and the last thing we want is to be alienated and isolated in a world that was not built for people like us. This is why we, as the LGBTQQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,...

Hop Off the Gay Bandwagon

Hop Off the Gay Bandwagon

By Caitlin O'Shei

June 7, 2013

It is 9:35 a.m. on a Tuesday, as I begin to embark upon my long, tedious walk from Wood Hall to the Drama building, my phone vibrates in my pocket. I unlock my phone and read the text I have just received. “Omg! I heard you and L. are dating now! I am sooo proud of u guys, u are so strong and I suppor...

The Modern Misconception

Graphic by: Cassie Jeong

By Bella Levaggi

June 1, 2013

When ABC’s “Modern Family” came on the air in 2009, it was hailed by many, including myself, as both hilarious and a pioneer of sorts. Chronicling the “modern” American family, the program documents the lives of grumpy patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neil) and his younger Columbian wife, Gloria...

Sexuality in an intolerant world

Photo by: Ludovic Bertron

By Elianna Cohen

June 7, 2012

As my dad made a jarring right at the intersection, I noticed the gray sky and the gray parking lot, abandoned by all the cars that would have made it colorful. I was alone with my dad, sitting in the passenger seat. His cheeks sagged against his fake smile and his eyes stared blankly, not focused on...

Gay Straight Alliance plans Day of Silence for May 4th

Star Wars: Yoda shares some wisdom.

By Billy Butler

April 4, 2012

The Gay-Straight Alliance club will be putting on a Day of Silence on Friday, May 4th in order to raise awareness to the silencing effect of anti-lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) bullying and harassment in schools. On that day, students will be asked to take a vow of silence in order...