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Leadership Teachers Step Down

Leadership Teachers Step Down

By Danielle Egan March 7, 2016

Jessica Variz and Tim Morgan plan to step down from their positions as leadership teachers at the end of this school year. Variz has taught Leadership for three years in addition to her core English classes....

Leadership Holds Run-Off Elections for 2015-16 Senior Class President

Leadership Holds Run-Off Elections for 2015-16 Senior Class President

By James Finn May 28, 2015

Leadership held a runoff election for the race for the position of 2015-’16 senior Class President at lunch on Friday, May 22. Students who wished to vote for either Collette Lowry or James Grunigen,...

Grade Elections Held

By Devon Stoeber May 27, 2015

Tam students ran for the 2015-2016 class office positions of each grade on May 4 through May 8, during which students could visit the voting table by the student center and vote for their choice for their...

Leadership Institutes Changes in Advisors

By Claire Donohue and Kevin Lee October 2, 2014

This year’s Leadership program will be led by English teacher Jessica Variz and Social Studies teacher Tim Morgan. Leadership is a zero period class in change of school events, student elections, rallies...

Students yelling at last years Welcome Back Rally

Homecoming and Welcome Back Rallies Combined

By James Finn September 12, 2014

This year’s Homecoming and Welcome Back rallies, usually conducted as separate events, will be combined into one rally that will be held at tutorial on Friday September 19. According to English teacher...

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