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Unified Sports Track Event

Unified Sports Track Event

By Elissa Asch

May 22, 2018

Both special and general education students competed side by side at the Unified Track Sports event at Tam on April 18. The event was the latest of multiple unified basketball games and track meets held this year at Tam and other schools in Marin County. “Our program combines general ed students ...

District Attorney Elections

By Maddie Asch & Connor Dargan

November 5, 2017

With current Marin County District Attorney Edward Berberian not seeking re-election in 2018, the race for District Attorney (DA) is wide open. The DA, a four-year position, represents the state government in prosecuting crimes while also serving as a legal advisor to Grand Jurors, who decide whethe...

Tam Hires New Baseball Staff

Tam Hires New Baseball Staff

By Vincent Boot and Vincent Boot

March 29, 2016

Over the last couple of years, Tam baseball has been in an identity crisis.  After opting out of re-signing head coach Mike Terry in fall of 2013, Tam acquired Scott Osder.  In late summer of 2015, Tam decided not to reinstate Osder as head of the program.  A few weeks later he was reinstated, then f...

The Origins of 4/20

The Origins of 4/20

By Jonah Amargi-Levy

June 7, 2013

Four Twenty. There may be no more combination of numbers that is more synonymous with illegal activity and the counter culture movement than these two. Ask any individual on the street today and chances are that they will recognize 4/20 or what it stands for and you are bound to have a similar answer…smoking...