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How the comedy show Big Mouth actually tackles important themes

How the comedy show ‘Big Mouth’ actually tackles important themes

Jan 23, 2024

“Big Mouth” has been a Netflix hit for years, taking off after its first season in 2017. With its unique cartoon style, fantasy monster characters, and mature humor, “Big Mouth” stood out from...

Does technology actually benefit society?

Does technology actually benefit society?

By Tyler Byrne, Reporter Nov 10, 2023

Sunday, Oct. 8. It was a normal weekend for me, and I woke up to my 9:00 a.m. alarm. I went downstairs, heated up some breakfast, and called my parents who aren’t in the house. After talking with them...

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Wise beyond our years

By Savy Behr May 2, 2023
The house is on fire. Teenager’s social, emotional, and academic development is struggling post-pandemic. While efforts are being made by the Tamalpais High School administration to provide mental health support, many believe more could and should be done.

A Guide To Wellness

By Shaina Mandala Sep 29, 2022
Last year, The Tam News published an article about Tamalpais High School’s Wellness Center to bring attention to its presence and briefly cover the resources it provides. However, the resources that Wellness provides are more extensive than the last article suggested and deserve an article of their own.
How The Pandemic Has Affected Teenager’s Mental Health

How The Pandemic Has Affected Teenager’s Mental Health

By Colette Hale Mar 17, 2022
In the Tam community, anxiety and depression levels have been rising, there has been an increase in drug usage, and attendance records have shown a decrease in student attendance at school. While these issues were prevalent even before the pandemic, the coronavirus has increased these rates.
(Naomi Lenchner)

Digital Damage

By Naomi Lenchner Dec 13, 2021
Who knew connecting the world would bring it to the brink of destruction.
(Emily Stull)


By Jordan Cushner Apr 25, 2021
“It’s going to sound funny, but when I was really restricting what I was eating and overexercising it felt good ... And then there was a point where that slipped … I started to notice I was seeing stars all the time and in the shower my hair was coming out in my hands and I was like f*ck this is doing me no good"
(Courtesy of Tam High)

Is Distance Learning Healthy?

By Charlie Wiltsee Oct 17, 2020
Due to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic, TUHSD students are spending upwards of six hours on screens per day.
Courtesy of Natalie Nong

October’s featured artist of the month: Junior Natalie Nong

By Emily Stull Oct 3, 2020
From experiences of racism to mental health, each piece tells a story.
Lauren Ross: Raising the bar

Lauren Ross: Raising the bar

By Leah Fullerton Jun 7, 2019
Senior Lauren Ross has earned an array of titles in her time on Tam’s track and field team. However, her experience has not all been smooth sailing.


By Griffin Chen, Features Editor Mar 17, 2019
California Welfare and Institutions Code 5150. When a person as a result of a mental health disorder is a danger to others or to themselves, a peace officer, or professional person designated by the county, may take the person into custody for a period of up to 72 hours for assessment, evaluation, and crisis intervention.
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Here For You

By Leah Fullerton, Features Editor Feb 26, 2019
This feature reveals where and how students can receive support in the face of emotional health turmoil.
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