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A Love Letter to Yerba Mate

By Oona O'Neill September 21, 2020
You taught me what it means to be constantly jittery and alert. And while I may never be able to differentiate the butterflies in my stomach between love of Yerba or extreme caffeine-induced anxiety. It is inconsequential of my feelings for you.
Junior Lily Bogas wins state poetry competition

Junior Lily Bogas wins state poetry competition

By Erin Edgar and Kara Kneafsey March 14, 2019

Junior Lily Bogas won the state championship for the poetry recital competition Poetry Out Loud on Monday, March 11, after first winning competitions at the school and county levels. “I was just...

Opposed to Prose

March 18, 2017

In the early months of the new year, half of the freshman English classes dive headfirst into the world of poetry. Poems are read, analyzed, orated, written, and displayed in a series of exercises and...

Photo by Lacy Atkins for the SF Chronicle.

Students Organize Benefit Concert for Steven Rodriguez

By Ethan Lawrence October 23, 2013

A benefit concert for Tam alumnus Steven Rodriguez (class of 2011) will take place at the Sweetwater Music Hall in downtown Mill Valley on November 26 at 7 p.m. The concert is organized by friends of...

Poetry Recitation Competition Draws Student Performers

By Jordan Blackburn February 20, 2013

The Marin County Poetry Out Loud contest was held at the Mill Valley Public Library on February 16. Junior Shayna Warner of Marin School of the Arts won and will be advancing to the statewide competition...

Featured Student Art: “I am the Moon”

By Hannah Berman March 15, 2012

Everyday I think I’m crazy. But maybe that’s a good sign, A good sign that because you’ve convinced yourself you’re sane, I’m probably better off knowing. And yes it is entirely your...

Horizon of Blue

Horizon of Blue

By Mayana Bonapart March 24, 2011

To live as the ocean means to live ferociously. To be the ocean aggressive, playful character is a necessity Yet at the same time grace, beauty and poise are also essential. The trick to being...

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