A Love Letter to Yerba Mate

A Yerba Mate enthusiast expresses her love for the beverage through poetry.


(Tahlia Amanson)

By Oona O'Neill

When I first touched my lips to your crisp yellow can

I never foresaw our future together

But now, at 3 AM as I sip on a Bluephoria

I reflect on our time.

On the times spent in Whole Foods grabbing for the last of your can

On the times at school when I was awaken from my mid-class nap by Lemon Elation

On the times I opted out of a crappy coffee or a tasteless tea

just to have Revel Berry soothe my need for caffeine

You taught me what it means to be constantly jittery and alert

And while I may never be able to differentiate the butterflies in my stomach

Between love of Yerba or extreme caffeine-induced anxiety

It is inconsequential of my feelings for you.

So it’s quite difficult to express my cherishment,

For words are not enough to describe what can only be felt

I can already see myself 70 years in the future

Still hobbling my way into the local grocery market,

And grabbing an Enlightened Mint Yerba.

Yours forever,