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Fire in Downtown Sausalito

Fire in Downtown Sausalito

By Rocky Brown, Rocky Brown, and Rocky Brown

June 11, 2018

At 6:25 p.m., on the corner of Princess and Bridgeway in Sausalito, a fire erupted in the alley between Starbucks and Sausalito Jewelers. Within five minutes of the ignition, the fire quickly engulfed the alley, sending a plume of smoke into the air. “The cause of the fire is yet to be determ...

Sausalito Continues Waterfront Cleanup

Sausalito Continues Waterfront Cleanup

By Calvin Rosevear

June 10, 2018

Sausalito police and city employees continue to engage in a city council-sponsored cleanup of marine debris in the Sausalito waterfront area. The cleanup focuses on the anchor-outs, a handful of boats anchored in the Sausalito waterfront used as housing for a slim minority. Many of the boats are currently...

Marin County Local District Election

By Cal Mitchell

December 18, 2017

A countywide election was held to determine various positions in each local district across Marin County, on November 7, 2017. Townships across the county opened their polls for both individual candidates, as well as different measures. While Mill Valley had nothing on the ballot, a position on the C...

Sausalito Ferry Renovations Confirmed

Sausalito Ferry Renovations Confirmed

By Rocky Brown

November 15, 2017

After three years of debate and multiple lawsuits, the city of Sausalito has approved a plan to renovate the downtown ferry dock. On October 14 the city council unanimously approved a renovations plan that would repair a 50-year-old dock to fully comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements....