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Generation Parkland

By Skye Schoenhoeft May 28, 2020
A third of Tam students dream about gun violence. Why? Generational trauma.
(Ethan Swope)

Mill Valley residents howl in support of essential COVID-19 workers

By Skye Schoenhoeft March 31, 2020
The howl started with a Nextdoor post by resident Hugh Kuhn suggesting that Mill Valley should participate in the #Solidarityat8 campaign, a movement to support essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.
(Courtesy of Lindsey Tenaglia)

Lindsey Tenaglia: The reality of digital

By Skye Schoenhoeft March 24, 2020
As one of the few digital artists at Tam, junior Lindsey Tenaglia stands out for her distinctive style.
There are 680 steps on the Dipsea trail. (Paige Anderson)

Dipsea Race canceled to prevent COVID-19 spread

By Skye Schoenhoeft and Summer Solomon March 21, 2020
The last time the race was canceled was for WWII operations from 1942 through 1945.
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Review: Elon Musk’s “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe”

By Skye Schoenhoeft March 15, 2020
For a man of multimillion-dollar ideas, Musk should have left this song on the cutting room floor. 
On-campus falconer Jennifer Hosperman and hawk Serenity scare off seagulls during lunch. (Niulan Wright)

MVMS hires hawk to quell seagull infestation

By Skye Schoenhoeft March 14, 2020
Serenity, the new hawk, creates a predatory presence on campus, scaring seagulls away.
(Sophia Martin)

Can I say the “f-word”?

By Skye Schoenhoeft February 7, 2020
Navigating the reclamation of identity slurs.
Tams Alex Leszczynski, left, during the unified basketball game on Wednesday, January 22. Tam lost 30-37 to Grant Grover. (Skye Schoenhoeft)

Unified basketball loses 30-37 to Grant Grover

By Benjy Wall-Feng January 27, 2020
In a dynamic game on Wednesday, Grant Grover quickly took the lead and Tam never fully recovered.
(Isabella Faillace)

Review: Disney+ is a whole new world

By Skye Schoenhoeft December 16, 2019
The new streaming service is entertaining and expansive, although it may not be worth the monthly charge.
(Courtesy of Talia Smith)

Tam in verse: a poetry collage

By Claire Conger December 11, 2019
A collection of art and poetry from students across Tam High.
(Mila Cheung)

Steered STEM

By Skye Schoenhoeft September 27, 2019
Tam’s use of honors and AP classes makes math and science the most competitive route, diminishing opportunity in other academic interests.
(Skye Schoenhoeft)

Ballet is for boys too

By Johanna Meezan September 14, 2019
Ballet needs both men and women, and everyone, the media especially, needs to know that.
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