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Wil Owens: The life of a Tam legend

Wil Owens: The life of a Tam legend

By Max Shulman

March 15, 2012

“I guess I had been here two years,” recalled Wil Owens, Tam’s head campus supervisor. “A teacher called me down to the parking lot and said, ‘Wil, smell.’ We smelled nothing but marijuana emanating in volumes from a vehicle. So we found the student, and we asked him whether or not it ...

Girls Soccer Wins MCALs

Girls Soccer Wins MCALs

By Katharine Hirata & Joe Laland

June 11, 2011

League–leading scorer Storie Ledger came through in the clutch again as the girl’s varsity soccer team beat Drake 3-0 to win the MCAL championship at home on May 13. After a scoreless first half, Ledger a senior, struck a penalty kick into the corner of the net. Shortly after senior Danielle Torm...

Vietnam veterans and alumni return to Tam

June 5, 2010

When Donald Smith, a Tam alumnus and former varsity softball coach, arrived in Vietnam to begin his duties as a soldier, showers of enemy rockets confronted him. As soon as the plane had landed, Smith was running for his life towards the safety of the base he had just seen for the first time. Read More »...