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Winter sports preview

The seniors on the boys basketball team. (Courtesy of Tam Boys Basketball)

By Leah Fullerton

December 19, 2019

A preview from each coach on their upcoming seasons.

‘Tis the sneezin’

(Isabella Faillace)

By Samantha Nichols

December 12, 2019

As the hight of the winter season approaches, it brings colds with it. Here is some simple etiquette and tips to get you through safe and sound.

Advice For a Prime Ski Season

Advice For a Prime Ski Season

By Miles Rubens, Miles Rubens, Miles Rubens, and Miles Rubens

December 18, 2017

After last year’s gargantuan amounts of snowfall, in which seven Lake Tahoe area ski resorts (Kirkwood, Northstar, Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Boreal, Mt. Rose, and Sugar Bowl) totalled over a whopping 700 inches of snow, skiers and snowboarders are back it again this season hoping for more snowfall...

How to Have a Sickness Free Winter

How to Have a Sickness Free Winter

By Kennedy Cook

November 16, 2016

A sniffle, a cough, a sneeze. It’s coming. Cold and flu season is creeping closer and closer; selecting victims and spreading germs far and wide. As winter approaches, an increasing amount of preventative measures must be taken to stay healthy. We’ve all heard the basics, disinfecting, washing h...