How to Have a Sickness Free Winter

By Kennedy Cook

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A sniffle, a cough, a sneeze. It’s coming. Cold and flu season is creeping closer and closer; selecting victims and spreading germs far and wide. As winter approaches, an increasing amount of preventative measures must be taken to stay healthy. We’ve all heard the basics, disinfecting, washing hands often, getting enough sleep, etc. Whether you prefer to bask in germs and filth (I’m talking to all of you that skip washing your hands after the bathroom) and sniffle for the entire block period or you’re like me and appreciate healthy, clear sinuses and swallowing without the sharp pains of a sore throat, check out these not-so-traditional ways to prevent the cold and flu season from preying on you.

  1. Gargle: Germs often enter your system by first getting stuck in the mucus that lines your throat. Gargling, and then spitting out water helps get those germs out before they can make you sick.
  2. Floss: Do you floss everyday? If not, try it this Fall. The same germs that cause gum disease can irritate the rest of your body and take up energy from your immune system. Keep your immune system  well rested to battle this cold and flu season.
  3. Sweat: Working up a sweat flushes toxins out of your system.
  4. Breathe out: Slowly breathing out when passing someone coughing or sneezing can help prevent you from inhaling germs in the air. Try to get about 10 feet away while still breathing out.
  5. Garlic: Try crushing up raw cloves of garlic and eating it on your next meal. Garlic is full of sickness kicking properties like vitamin C, enzymes, selenium and sulfur. When garlic is cut and opened, allicin, an antibacterial is released. Although, this property is lost when garlic is heated, so try it raw!
  6. Heat your clothes: Get rid of all those germs you’ve collected on your clothes today by applying heat. Wash clothing with hot water or giving your cloths a full dry cycle to assure all the germs have been killed before wearing them again.