Freshman orientation hellish to helpful

By Lorna McGinnis

Freshmen had mixed feelings about Tam’s orientation on Friday, August 13.

Freshman Victoria Holland said, “I figuratively escaped out the window. They almost dragged me to hell; they almost dragged me into the games at the beginning of orientation.”

She also mentioned a statement made by a teacher at orientation claiming that the students who volunteered for activities were doers whereas the non-volunteers were just watchers. She said that found this quote manipulative and slightly insulting.

Another freshman, Isabella Downey, believed that some of the games seemed like they were there to pass the time. However she reported being mildly amused by them.

However these negative reviews on Freshmen Orientation may be in the minority. The tour was received quite well. It was reported to be the best thing orientation had to offer. Freshman Maddy Orr said, “The tour was really helpful.”

In addition to this, the link crew leaders were purported to be quite nice in general and were willing to answer any and all questions posed by freshman.

Though some freshmen feelings were negative, Freshman Orientation was surely a mixed success.