Spring Season Sports Previews: Quotes from the Coaches

By The Sports Staff and The Sports Staff

Girls’ Swimming, Brittney Boyd:

“I hope that everybody swims fast this season, is having fun, and puts in some best times, and hopefully we’re top competitors at MCAL.”

Boys’ Swimming, Ken Weber:

“[My main goal for this season] is that we are going to win the MCAL championships this year. Last year we lost by 8 points…and this year we’re looking quite strong, and I have every expectation that we are going to give them a race right down to the finish.”

Coed Diving, Haley Quinn:

“So this year we had the most girls ever try out for Tam diving. We had 34 people total try out for the team…I would say my goal is for my girls and guys on varsity to try to make it to MCALs…I really hope that they can represent Tam at MCALs.”

Boys’ Tennis, Bill Washauer:

“Well, last year we were loaded with seniors, and had a good regular season but we kind of fell down in the postseason. I’m hoping this year that we have the kind of year that is satisfying for everybody, which is: you go out, you work hard, you improve, and you’re much better at the end than you were at the beginning.”

Softball, John Scarsella:

“Our hopes and expectations [are] to start building a foundation for Tam softball for the next four years. We have a lot of young players coming in, very good players, and sort of like a new chapter in Tam softball.”

Baseball, Nathan Bernstein:

“This year, we return a lot of our starters from last year, we return our top three pitchers. The staff is led by [Senior] Nick Kennison and [Junior and Tam News reporter] Jack Loder. We’ve got a lot of talented but unproven hitters…and we’re hungry to just get going.”

Boys’ Golf, Dustin Nygaard:

“We are very optimistic this year with the boys golf team. This is my fourth year as the head coach and each year we’ve gotten progressively more and more competitive….so our expectation is to make a push for a title this year.”

Boys’ Volleyball, Chris Glave:

“The strength of the team has been the returns who are all good passers…Our hope is to get into MCALs. The top four teams out of eight make it to MCALs. We want to be one of those four.”

Coed Track and Field, Bob McLennan:

“We’re the defending boys champions, and I think we should be right in the thick of things again this year. We are probably considered the favorite by most of the other teams…None of [the other teams] have the depth that we’ve got, because we’re by far the biggest team in the county.”

Boys’ Lacrosse, Michael Johnson:

“We’re expecting great things from this Tam lacrosse team. We have a core group of seniors…all standout players, great student athletes, and they’re going to lead us to a potential league championship.”

Girls’ Lacrosse, Natalie Butler:

“I want Tam girls’ varsity team to work cohesively, where every single person has a valuable position on the field at every single game and during practice.”