Football Fest: Seniors vs. Juniors

By Grace Gustafson and Tessa Schumacher

The Senior Team. (Grace Gustafson)

Football fest, known as Powder Puff in the past, is a flag football game that occurs during homecoming week between the Junior and Senior girls. Although it is meant to be a friendly and fun game, players have been known to get nasty. As the Seniors and Juniors prepare for the big game, the trash talking begins: “The Junior girls are talking about powderpuff like they’re experts already. We’re the ones with the year advantage here guys, calm down,” said Senior Siena Blair.

“Senior year is all about asserting dominance,” said Blair, and that’s without a doubt what the Senior girls plan on doing. With the best Senior coaches in all of MCALs (Elliot Pavis, Ben Reade, Cooper Marshall, Keenan Karcs, and Aidan Newell) the girls have zero doubt that they will be victorious. 

“At this point, the Juniors should just forfeit because of our stellar players and coaching,” Senior Football Fest coach Elliot Pavis exclaimed confidently. Pavis wasn’t the only Senior entering the game with confidence. “If this year’s Seniors were able to tie the seniors last year, we will definitely take down the Juniors this year,” says Blair. The Senior class is full of “first team” ranked athletes on the MCAL website including Lily Travers, Thalia Greenberg, Sofia King, and more. When asked about the Junior competition, Sofia King responded, “I don’t even know who those people are. Are they even competition?” 

The Junior team. (Ethan Rosegard)

The seniors can evidently talk the talk but will they be able to walk the walk? 

Typically, the Senior class wins the game, partly because being in the referees favor, but the Junior team is not letting this stop them. “We are in it to win it,” says Junior Aniela Kramlich. The coaching staff is made up of six Junior football players: Jack Elherman, Lochlin Farrel, Danny Jenkins, Ethan Rosegard, Josh Cushner and Rory Cronander. Although most have had a considerable amount of concussions, their heads are still in the game, determined to let nothing distract them from their task— pushing the Juniors to to their highest potential. “We are going to practice hard and make sure everyone knows the plays. Our starting lineup is the best ever and we got the most athletic girls. Easy dub,” Elherman says. Rosegard adds, “We already have 25 plays scripted.”  Additionally, there has been rumored talk of “hell week”—a set of intense and demanding trainings meant to condition the players—taking place before school among the Junior coaches and potential team. 

Many of the potential players on the Junior team feel similarly to their coaches. Neary all have some experience with football and have no doubt they’ll dominate. “My brother is on the JV football team so I frequently watch his games. I’ve been raised in a sports intensive household, so it’s easy to say I’ve watched a lot of football,” Kramlich explains.  “I think we will kick the Seniors’ ass! We are stronger, more competitive, and have better spirit!” 

Mari Karp, another Junior girl, agrees with Kramlich and mentions, “My brothers watched football every Sunday so it was always on growing up so I know the sport pretty well, I also think we definitely have a shot beating the Seniors because we are overall more athletic.” The Juniors seem to be fully confident in their athletic ability and are excited to show it on the field.

Ellie Ryersen also makes a good point referring to a prior 2021 victory—the Junior class beating the senior class in the chant during the homecoming rally last October. “We have beat them in the chants so we can beat them in this too,” she says. 

The Juniors seem to be looking good, having one goal in mind, taking home the win of the big game. With a fully dedicated coaching staff and excited players, the Junior class is going to give the Seniors a run for their money. 

The seniors were victorious with a 35-7 win.