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Seniors Unprepared, Blame Juniors?

By Conall Noonan and Tyler Rothwell December 13, 2021
"We need to hold this senior class accountable for the many mistakes they have already made this year."
(Emily Stull)

Juniors walk too slow, drive too fast. What’s new?

By Lily Lunn December 4, 2021
"As a senior, I feel it is my duty to have a rivalry with the junior class."
(Emily Stull)

“Senior season”

By Claudia Epsha December 18, 2020
It's that time of year again: college application season. Let's break down how the senior class of '21 is handling it.
The class of 2020. (Courtesy of Tam administration)

Administration and ASB host senior events amidst shelter in place

By Jessie Tempero June 2, 2020
The events include a virtual prom for juniors and seniors and a drive-through graduation ceremony for seniors and their families.
(Courtesy of Tam High Leadership)

An ode to the class of 2020

By Chloe Gammon May 26, 2020
Over the past four years, we have felt the unique historical significance of our high school experience.
Photo by Grace Gustafson

Football Fest: Seniors vs. Juniors

By Grace Gustafson and Tessa Schumacher October 21, 2019
With homecoming week upon us, so is the annual seniors vs. juniors football fest game.

Rally MC’s Announced

By Elissa Asch September 22, 2017

Seniors Jack Loder and Liam Shore were announced as rally MC’s for this school year on September 14. After an initial audition and callback, a panel of leadership students and advisors decided on the...

EDITORIAL: Hunting for New Ideas

EDITORIAL: Hunting for New Ideas

June 2, 2017

The annual scavenger hunts, referred to by those involved as the “scav hunt,” is a high school tradition that takes place in late May. This year’s junior scavenger hunt took place on May 26, with...

Things You Should Know Before Your Senior Year

Things You Should Know Before Your Senior Year

By Mary Overton March 6, 2017

In my mind, it was just last week I sat in my freshman year tutorial class writing my “Senior Self” letter, surrounded by juniors and seniors laughing and joking about colleges and AP classes. Time...

Sports Opinion: Oh Captain, My Captain

Sports Opinion: Oh Captain, My Captain

By Connor Norton and Connor Norton November 9, 2016

It seems that far too often having captains at the varsity and junior varsity levels of high school sports creates more issues than it solves. This could be due to a number of reasons: the team disagrees...

Senior Farewell Rally 2015-16

Senior Farewell Rally 2015-16

By Raqshan Khan June 14, 2016  

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