ASB election results announced


By Jessie Tempero


EDIT: The original image posted with this story did not meet our publication standards regarding inclusion and diversity, and has since been edited.

ASB election results were announced this Monday. Sol Tolson was elected as this year’s ASB president. Quinn Rothwell and Abby Brooks were elected as vice president and treasurer, respectively, and ASB secretary has yet to be determined. Tommy Flynn, Terrell Rollins, Genie Wolin, and Harper Fox were elected presidents of the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman classes, respectively. 

Elections were held from September 9 to September 11. Voting was conducted through a Google Form emailed to all students.

ASB campaigns officially began on August 31, when candidates released posters through their personal social media accounts. Several candidates advocated for focusing on social issues within the school environment. 

“We definitely need to integrate the conversation around racism into our curriculum. I think we definitely don’t learn about it enough at Tam, and because of that this prejudice is just kind of being perpetuated,” senior and candidate for ASB president Rachel Sulciner said. 

“I’m focusing on student inclusion especially during the time of [COVID-19] and distance learning because it could be easy for some to feel disconnected to Tam. I believe that it is the responsibility of the leadership class to maintain the unity throughout the school year and emphasize it during a time when we are not together in person,” senior and newly-elected ASB president Sol Tolson said.

Elections for school and class representatives normally take place in April but were postponed when distance learning began in March. Online elections pushed candidates to adapt their campaigns to reach the student body through social media.

“I have been able to reach a wider audience over social media since a good portion of our school is participating in it on Instagram and Snapchat, but you can’t pass things out or make posters. So it’s mainly online which is more difficult than being able to talk to people in person and campaign for yourself at school,” sophomore class president Genie Wolin said.

An ASB officer debate was held over Zoom on Friday, September 4, during which Sulciner and Tolson answered questions asked by ASB advisor Nathan Bernstein about their plans for the school year and their goals for if they are elected. 

“Even though we can’t all see each other and interact, I really want to have a great year and help make it a great year for everyone,” freshman class president Harper Fox said.