Tam High assistant principal heading to Redwood

By Dylan Collister, Reporter

Assistant Principal Karin Hatton has accepted an administration role at Redwood High School after working at Tamalpais High School for the past four and a half years. At Tam, Hatton has been an assistant principal and also helps in special education, the science department, the AVID program, and the ELD program.

Hatton joined Tam during a mid-year opening; before she worked at Tam, Hatton used to work for a high school in Napa, and the principal of this school recommended that she go check out Tam.

“I think the way I got here was through a friend who wanted to see me step into a leadership position, but I ended up really loving the students and the school community,” she said.

Hatton said when she first came to Tam, it was a much different experience than the last school she worked at; she had to do a lot of new learning about the students and the area. Hatton talked about how she loves how creative and artistic the kids are here at Tam.     

At Redwood, she will be able to continue in her leadership role, just at a different school.

“I still want to continue to grow as a leader, and I hope to be a site principal one day,” she said.                 

Hatton said it is going to be hard to leave Tam because she still has so many relationships at this school and has met so many amazing kids through her job.

Hatton said some of her best memories are when “students and I can build a relationship that goes beyond just being your assistant principal and disciplining you, and to now see you out on campus and to get the hello, and to get a chance to interact where nobody is in trouble and I’m just getting to know students. My highlights are the students, for sure.”

Tam is going to miss Hatton for sure; good luck to her at Redwood.