Tam Hawks lacrosse teams finish strong

By Zane Yarnold, Reporter

The Tamalpais High School hawks’ lacrosse program had an outstanding run this year, with both the boys’ and girls’ teams making it to the Marin County Athletic League (MCAL) finals. While the boys came up short, losing 17-2 to Redwood High School, the Hawks are proud to say that the Lady Hawks have been crowned victorious, beating Marin Catholic High School 16-15 on Saturday, April 28. 

Both teams had quite stellar seasons this year, with the boys finishing 5-2 overall in MCAL, placing in third, while the girls had an incredible 8-0 season, finishing first as the only undefeated team in the league.

 This was the first time in Tam High history that the girls’ program had an over 50 percent winning season, as well as the first time they have ever been able to make it to the league championship. While the girls’ portion of the program was only founded in 2008, this is believed to be the best team ever assembled in the girls’ program.

“Compared to last year, I could tell from the first day of practice that the energy from this team was different,” senior Annabel Smith said. “We all had a common goal, and knew what we had to do to achieve it.”

This was the first MCAL finals appearance for both the boys and the girls, and while the boys did not finish victorious, they are now focused on making it as far as they can in the North Coast Sectionals (NCS) playoffs. 

“That game is behind us. Having a goldfish memory is the mindset we need going into NCS,” senior captain James Soenens said. “We won it last year, and I know that we can win it again this year. We didn’t play to the best of our abilities on Saturday, with everything going on with prom and whatnot, it was hard to focus on the game. But no excuses, we’re coming into NCS ready to kill.”

After losing ten seniors last year, the boys’ program spent this season rebuilding, as a ton of new sophomores and juniors had entered the picture. 

“NCS is ours, and we know it. All we need to do is lock in and that banner will be ours once again,” senior captain Jamie Boyle said. 

The girls will also be competing in the NCS playoffs, and they plan on going just as far as the boys did last year.

“Momentum is swinging so hard our way, I know that if we just continue to ride it, that championship is ours,” senior Sadie Mann said. “We want to make history, and we don’t plan on letting anything stop us.”